Selling gourd canteens

A number of users have purchased my canteens.  These can be used for craft shows or mountaineering men.  The latest was indeed for that purpose out in Idaho.  Of course, they really do work as well.



Craft Sale Hiatus

Have not had as much success at the craft shows last year, so I am taking a year off.  Need to replenish stock and “take stock” as well.  What sells are gourd birdhouses.  That’s great because, they are fun to make.  I hung five of them in my own yard and every one of them is occupied.  I hear the beautiful song of the wren in the one closest to my gourd garden.  We call it the waterfall song, since it falls in a long stream of notes.

Preparing Soil

Have planted some spring peas and lettuce to culture the ground for gourds.  Will let them grow until early May when the soil will be warm enough for gourds.

Hoping for a good summer.

Better Soils

Time to turn over the soil at my gourd growing site.  But must try something new.  Putting manure on it has not worked well enough.  Growth is still stunted.  May be that the site (over a pin oak stump) is not going to work.  Had just one good year.

New creations

I’ve created about 20 new items in preparation for the fall festivals, 2015.  Made six gourd canteens, since they were popular and I sold out of them last year.  Hard to find the right size and shape gourds – but i did.  I also continue making the gourd birdhouses and gourd clocks.